by DN

Team Hokulele won the 250m, 6K, and 2K events to take the championship at TDBA’s October Regatta for the fourth year in a row in a hot weekend of racing on Brooks Lake in Sugar Land.  Dallas’ DUC Delite and the FYP Island Warriors paddled well earning the second and third place spots.

Hokulele was consistent on Saturday winning the 250m title with three solid heats.  Beast Unleashed Hydra came in second and DUC Delite paddled their way into third place.  Hokulele also put in a smooth performance winning the 6K, finishing with a time of 24.23.29.  Our congratulations to Duc Delite and Cajun Invasion who finished the 6K in second and third respectively.  We also extend our respect to Peking University Alumni/Pepper Twins-HCA who finished this “endurance race” with a strong effort.

Sunday morning was even hotter than Saturday, and after winning our 2 preliminary 400m races, Hokulele was thinking of a sweep in the final.  Our friends from Dallas and FYP had other thoughts.  In the most exciting race of the weekend, the 400m Final, Hokulele got a decent start and took the early lead, but were out-paddled down the stretch by DUC Delite and FYP Island Warriors in a close 3-way race.  Hundredths of seconds separated the three boats with the first place Ducs finishing in 1.48.36, second place Warriors in 1.48.77, and third place Hokulele in 1.48.93.  Congratulations Duc Delite and FYP Island Warriors, way to “bring it” in the Final!

Hokulele rallied to victory in the 2K race to wrap up the overall team championship.  DUC Delite and FYP took second and third respectively in the race.  2Ks are always fun with boats starting in a staggered running start, boats over taking other boats, and throw in a little excitement around turns.  

Thanks to the Texas Dragon Boat Association (TDBA) for putting on this regatta.  We really appreciate TDBA’s support and your efforts to recognize our Team USA paddlers and aid our fundraising efforts toward their expenses to compete in the IDBF World Nations Championships in China October 18-22, 2017.    


It is always great to party, I mean paddle with the DUCs.  You all came down from Dallas in strength and really made things fun and interesting.  It was also great to “camp” next to FYP on the point as well.  Thank goodness, we both practiced on Tuesday evenings so we could help each other get our boats launched and stowed, even on nights with light crews!  Thanks to all of the other teams, and remember, every day on the water is a good day.